Kollaboration SF Bartenders for Tonic Fundraiser

Only 1 more day until our very first summer fundraiser – Happy Hour at Tonic Bar in SF! As you’ve probably heard, some of the ladies on our staff will be bartending throughout the evening, and they’ve been brushing up those mixing and shaking skills, so prepare to be impressed!

We thought it would be fun to catch up with four of our bartenders for the night. Find out why these staff members do what they do for Kollaboration, what they love to drink in the summertime, and why they think you should make an appearance at Tonic tomorrow evening!

From right to left (image above), meet Executive Director Minji Chang, Programming Assistant Andrea Nguyen, past Public Relations Assitant Julia Joung, and Marketing Director Hua Chen.


What’s your favorite Summer drink?

Minji: I’m a big fan of any variation of mojito! Crisp, bubbly, and sweet! I was also recently introduced to the mint julep. And you can never go wrong with sangria!

Julia: Cold beer and mojito if I feel extra girly. They’re so refreshing!

Hua: Piña coladas! I love the blend of flavors and pineapple! I’m also a fan of vodka tonics and Jameson + ginger ale.


What do you think your favorite drink says about your personality?

Minji: i have a major sweet tooth, and I’m a lightweight.

Julia:  I’m generally chill and like to kick back, and once in awhile, I like to go on exciting adventures!


What about Kollaboration makes it so great?

Minji: My favorite thing about KollabSF is the community that’s created between complete strangers who happen to all care about one thing. We may never have had a chance to meet one another otherwise, and yet this movement brings us crazy people together. My family is always growing!

Andi: For me it’s not about being Asian American, it is because Kollab is all about supporting, empowering, and elevating music and other forms of performing arts.

Julia: Kollaboration keeps me connected to a community of vibrant and conscious Asian American brothers and sisters.

Hua: I love the community and network within the Kollaboration family! I have made countless friends over the last three years, have gotten to hang out with many talented musicians and artists, and discovered a newfound passion and interest in the Asian American movement.


Why should people come to the summer fundraiser?

Minji: Because it’s summertime, and we have really fun people serving you drinks all night! It’s a great way to network with other fun folks living in the Bay, finding out about Kollaboration by meeting our staff, and supporting an organization focused on empowering the community.

Andi: Guaranteed fun time!

Hua: To help support a great movement! You coming to our fundraiser not only helps us raise money for our third annual showcase, but also shows others, whether it be your friends, family, or workplace, the importance of Kollaboration as a powerful movement for API and independent artists. Plus, you get to meet the crazy fun people that make up this year’s KollabSF staff!


Besides Kollaboration, are there any other non-profits you support? What are they and why?

Andi: I love supporting all sorts of other non-profits. Most recently, I have been supporting Swim Across America(SAA) and Child Advocates of the Silicon Valley. SAA is great  because they support cancer research, and it combines my love for open water swimming and funding for cancer research. I have loved working with Child Advocates because everyone is passionate about mentoring foster youth and helping them overcome their hardships.

Julia: The UC Berkeley Korean American Students Association is another place many folks can find a community! It’s also the club that KollabSF’s very own executive director Minji was the president for while she was at Cal! And now I get to take the baton. :)


If you were able to raise $1,000,000, what would you spend it on for Kollaboration?

Andi: Provide free music/dance classes since they are being cut so quickly from the educational system. I strongly believe in the power of the arts and the beneficial effects music/dance/performing arts has on developing the brain.

Hua: I’d organize a summer festival in the Bay Area for independent Asian American artists and performers, and start a scholarship/grant as well. I love what ISA is doing, and I think a festival like the one they have in Los Angeles would be a huge boost to the music and performance arts scene in the Bay Area. There’s so much untapped talent here!

Have you been a bartender in the past or for other events?

Minji: Never, but I’m ready to get my Coyote Ugly on for Kollab! Please stand clear of flying objects and watch out for shattered glass.

Hua: Nope… better stand outside the splash zone.


Who is your favorite API artist? What would you do if he/she walked into Tonic while you were bartending?

Andi: I have so many favorites! But my favorite singer would definitely have to be Passion. He was the first person I watched on YouTube and he has really opened doors for other API artist to develop their careers on YouTube instead following a formula produced by the music industry. Some of my other favorites include painter/artist Allison Torneros, Victor Kim, Mike Song, Toestah, and Dumbfoundead.




When: Thursday, July 26th, 6-9pm
Where: Tonic, 2360 Polk St., San Francisco
Facebook Event: http://on.fb.me/LQ7BJf

Come for drinks, raffled prizes, and amazing company. Kollaboration SF Staff will also be bartending throughout the evening!! All tips will be donated to fund our show, so please bring your friends and coworkers.

You’ll not only be supporting a great API organization, but also help drive our mission to empower and inspire a better representation of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the media.

Hope to see you all there!