Hello Supporters of Kollaboration,

As you may know, Kollaboration began as an arts and entertainment non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting positive and accurate perceptions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), by providing a platform for young artists to showcase their talents. Over the years, this idea has been encapsulated into our mission statement, “Empowerment Through Entertainment”, and materialized into action through the production of AAPI talent showcases all across North America. Now entering its 15th year, Kollaboration has branched out into 14 cities, produced over 70 showcases, and reached out to hundreds of thousands of live and online audience members.

On a local level, this year marks the fifth year since the establishment of Kollaboration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before launching into 2014, our chapter (and organization at large) dedicated much time into considering what will maximize our contribution to our local communities. Though our organization has become primarily known for our annual talent showcase events, we also have a history of providing a diverse range of community services. Moving forward, we intend to expand our resources into giving back to our community in more complementary ways than to enrich purely through entertainment alone. All the while, we will continue to further develop on the purpose of our mission statement by recognizing and providing AAPI artists a visible stage on a local and nation level.

As the new Executive Director of Kollaboration SF, I am very excited to share our agenda with you over the course of this year! Alongside our staff consisting of skilled and passionate volunteer members, we intend to provide only the best that we can genuinely offer to our community. We at Kollaboration SF hope that you will continue to follow us and support our cause. Increasing the visibility of AAPIs in the entertainment industry can only help to enrich the quality of our lives and that of our collective communities. Please look forward to our organizations efforts and stay tuned for the dialogues that are to come through it!

Danny Choi
Executive Director