Provide background information about SanFran6 (how and when you were formed, style of music, etc.).

SanFran6 is essentially a product of Kollaboration San Francisco, with three members being Kollaboration alumni. We formed in September 2014 through networking. Kevin was the one who reached out and recruited each member, one at a time (kind of like Nick Fury in The Avengers). Our style centers around R&B and pop, but we’re continually exploring other genres.

How has being part of Kollaboration helped you?

Being a part of Kollaboration has provided us with a network full of talented people around the area. Through Kollab, we’ve been able to get stage experience and make great connections.

Who inspires or influences you as artists/performers?

Each of us are inspired by individual solo artists, from all-time greats like Christina Aguilera and Michael Buble, to contemporary pop stars like Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran. As a group, we are inspired by the success of the a cappella band, Pentatonix, the only current a cappella artist group to make it close to mainstream music.

How as being Asian American affected you as a performer?

Being Asian American has sort of made us family-oriented. It didn’t take us very long to build a strong connection and vibe. A few rehearsals in, we felt pretty close and were able to open up to each other. We’d like to think it comes from our roots and how Asian Americans are strong family builders.

How do you feel the music scene has changed since you first performed for Kollab?

Since we performed in Kollab in 2013, the music scene hasn’t changed too much. Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande are still up there - but we’ve also been noticing a lot more EDM music on the radio. Maybe we’ll add that to our repertoire?


How do you feel the Asian American music scene has changed since you performed?

Nothing big has changed - but we were lucky enough to be the second Asian American group to be on The Sing-Off!

What trends in today’s music do you like or dislike?

We like that there are so many songs on the radio now that you can easily dance to!

If you could perform with one famous artist, who would it be?

That’s a tough question - but we would probably be down to perform with or even be back-up singers for any upcoming artists like Meghan Trainor.

What does it mean for you to “Kollaborate” with other performers?

For us, to “Kollaborate” means to share and network. We’ve met great people through the past few years with Kollaboration, and great things have happened from it.

What can we expect from your “Kollaboration” with CryWolffs this year?

This year at Kollaboration, you can expect an awesome “Kollaboration” between us and an excellent violinist known as CryWolffs! We’re super excited. Let’s just say that there’s going to be a lot of sound effects.

How has the Bay Area shaped your music?

The Bay Area has given us a sense of home, and has literally shaped our music by keeping us close with each other. It’s even a part of our name, SanFran6. We’d like to think being in the Bay has helped us find our urban side in music, which is why we like performing R&B.

What does it mean for you to call the Bay Area your home?

The Bay Area is a place where we all call home. We were all raised in the Bay Area and have grown to be a part of it. Like we’ve mentioned, it’s even in our name!

Do you have any words or advice for people who are considering whether or not to pursue their passion in entertainment?

Our biggest piece of advice is to follow your dreams. If you don’t have the resources, find them. Join local competitions and showcases like Kollaboration and continue getting the training and exposure you need. It may take a while, but anything great requires hard work and dedication. You have to work very hard to get into the entertainment industry, and you also need a good backbone to stay motivated even when times get rough. However, the more you gig and actually produce content, the more opportunities will rise and it can really grow from there.

What can we look forward to from you?

You can look forward to more videos from SanFran6. We’re looking for more awesome ways to change up the a cappella scene. Stay tuned!