Mainstream media has put a greater emphasis on male rappers, which leaves many female rappers out of the spotlight. The lack of visibility is even greater for Asian female rappers. But there are many female rappers that deserve recognition. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to share with you a few of the tenacious and lyrical Asian female rappers in the industry. These women have flow, wit, and nerve that earn them each the reputation of certified badass. Check out our picks below:


Ruby Ibarra

Ruby Ibarra is a Filipino rapper from the Bay Area. She emanates resolution to her music, her craft, and her intentions. She is absolutely worth a listen and she commands your attention. Ibarra is supposed to release her debut album this year, so keep an eye out for her! Her website is here.


HeeSun Lee

HeeSun Lee is a Korean rapper who’s from New York. Lee does Christian hip hop music and is dedicated to originality, provocative messages, and identity. You can tell with a lot of her music that she’s got passion and it translates through her sound. Her facebook is here.


Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera is another female rapper from the Bay Area who initially was a journalist, then switched to focusing on her music. In her career, she’s rubbed shoulders with some big names in hip hop and has become known for beat heavy, head-bobbing sounds and thoughtful lyrics. Her website is here.



Awkwafina is a New Yorker, born and raised. She’s released progressive, cheeky, and unapologetic songs that only establish her swagger and uniqueness as a rapper. But you can tell there’s a lot of consideration in her raps. Not only is she a rapper, but she’s also an actor and a talk show host! Her facebook is here.


Who’s your favorite female Asian rapper? Let us know in the comments!