By: Kathleen H.

At Kollaboration, we hope to see more Asian-American musicians to succeed in mainstream media and not be restricted by racism or stereotypes. Since Kollaboration was founded, we hope to empower Asian-American music artists to pursue creative careers and make a positive change in the entertainment industry for the Asian Pacific Islander community.

Soi Music TV, an Asian music discovery platform, recently reached out to us. They were founded in December 2015 and hold a vision to bridge music communities in the East and the West, through their videos featuring Asian musicians. They have covered a number of artists from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and several other countries in Asia. They are based on three main ideas that align with our mission of “Empowerment through Entertainment”: 1. A tight-knit worldwide community of artists and their followers, 2. A unique raw, unplugged style of presenting the artists, and 3. A brand new way of music and artist discovery.

Soi Music TV’s team went to Los Angeles and San Francisco in May (which was coincidentally Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!) to explore the dynamic music and street-art scene. They decided to make a USA Special series and feature a diverse group of Asian-American musicians on the West Coast, who all possess strong ties with their Asian roots. We encourage you to check out their series and discover some talented Asian-American music artists! Here are some of our favorites:



Aisha Fukushima is a Japanese African-American rap activist from San Francisco. She also founded RAPtivism (Rap Activism), a global hip hop to raise awareness about social justice through hip hop and expression. Her passionate sound consists of a unique blend of hip hop, jazz, and soul. Her website is here.



Hunter Hunted is an indie duo that consists of Dan Chang and Michael Garner. The Los Angeles duo creates catchy, melodic music that is a delightful mix of California indie and folk-rock. In their acoustic version of “Operating”, Hunter Hunted shares a sweet story of love and heartbreak through their soft, folksy harmonies. Their website is here.



Travis Atreo is a Filipino singer, songwriter, and producer. He was raised in Seattle and currently resides in Los Angeles. He also has a personal YouTube channel where he regularly posts covers and vlogs, which has over 15M channel views and nearly 160K subscribers. His chilled-out, acoustic performance of his debut single, “Excited”, is a beautiful arrangement that showcases his lush and expressive vocals. His website is here.

To stay updated with the rest of the Soi Music TV USA Special videos and listen to other artists in Asia that Soi Music TV features, check out their website here!


Kathleen is the PR/Communications Associate at Kollaboration SF and a Bay Area native from Sunnyvale. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley. Some of her hobbies include listening to music (by API artists, of course), hiking, cooking, product design, and going on spontaneous adventures. She is passionate about the social sector and encouraging other Asian-Americans to share their unique perspectives and aspirations with the API community!