From competing on American Idol to releasing her new album, “Red Eye Flight,” Jayne Rio has been working diligently on her dynamic voice and charismatic presence. Check out our full interview with this goofy, fashion-forward, and incredibly driven woman whose paving her way in the music industry.

A relatively new band to the Bay Area, the Outer Sunset guys all grew up near each other in Southern California, but never met. Their love of R&B and Soul music is what eventually brought them together. Their Facebook page says Outer Sunset is “Doin’ Music the Hard Way,” and they’re all about going with the flow of music and enjoying the ride.

Team Loopkicks = Martial arts with a twist. Yes, literally and figuratively! You get an adrenaline rush when you see them performing and you are captivated by their movements and speed. Who would have thought that martial arts and music would be the perfect duo?! Keep on reading to find out how this came to life.

Monsters Calling Home not only has a unique name, but was cultivated by faith. They formed in September 2011 and since then produced authentic music with a lot of heart and soul. They graciously took their time out of their tour to answer some questions for their fans. Check out what inspired them to unite and create feel good music.

What is music to you? To some it’s a hobby or a simple pleasure of life. But to Peter Chung, it’s a matter of weight, passion, and journey. We invite you to get a taste of what goes on inside the mind of one of this year’s competing artists at KollaborationSF 3.